6 Warning Signs that Tell You You Need a Change of Job

So you’ve been slogging your a** off at work and you pretty much don’t see any progress being made both in terms of growth prospects as well as super-duper monetary gains.   You’ve made all the right moves but yet you feel that something is amiss and you are not quite getting there or being heard.  This kind of situation can arise primarily due to the following factors.

Career Problems - Looking for change

You are actually not performing at par but you’ve yourself not realized it thanks to the lack of feedback from your team members or your reporting manager.


You are performing really well but lack of suitable roles or positions or maybe office politics could be the reason you seem stranded.

I am sure most of you fall in the second category, and those of whom who fall in the first would sooner than later realize what’s eventually wrong.    And either of the above scenario can result in stagnation, lack of motivation and you getting the feeling that probably it’s time to move on.  So, here are the 6 warning signs that give you a pretty strong indication that  it’s time for you to abandon ship and look for greener pastures.

Sign 1 – You Just Don’t Feel Like Going to Work

This signal can be a bit dicey.   You need to first figure out if you’re feeling this simply because of overwork or burnout or rather because you’ve have had enough of whatever you have been doing so far.  The best way ahead is to take a break from work and see if it helps change things a bit.  If it doesn’t, then it’s time to talk to your manager.  Why talk to your boss?  Well, that’s because it’s the first signal you give your boss that you are not content with what you are doing and you want a change of role or do something else.   The type of response you get from your superior should give you clarity on what exactly is wrong.

Sign 2 – You are not Getting Due Credit for your Efforts

Another thing to watch out for is someone robbing you off the credit you deserve.  For instance, you have done your job, you’ve been an excellent team player, you did your best to complete the task at hand but when it came to acknowledging the efforts – the credit went to someone else and that someone else didn’t bother to pass it on to the ones who deserved it.  Does this sound familiar?  If this happens once in a while, may be this is pardonable, but it keeps happening repeatedly, maybe it’s time to act.

Sign 3 – Your Boss is Noncommittal about your Growth Prospects

Whenever you ask your boss about the possible change of roles or higher responsibilities, you get vague answers.   Well, if he himself is not sure of what’s in store for you, then who can be.   Not being direct and being vague in their responses is another important sign that tells you that things are not quite hunky and dory.

Sign 4 – You Find your Job to be too Mechanical and Less Exciting

You realize that your role is not going to change any time soon.  You definitely know that you can do better than this and ready for a larger role and additional responsibilities.  And you are increasingly finding the present job boring and mechanical.  It’s the same old stuff you do day in and day out and there’s no respite in sight.   That’s basically sign #4 for you.  Take a call and decide your future course of action.

Looking for a change of job

Sign 5 – You are Being Ignored by Others

You feel that are not getting the due importance and at times being out rightly ignored by others, be it important meetings or tasks.   The tasks that you do also happen to be pretty much mundane.  Basically you are only required to do filler jobs or other support activities.  Nothing that challenges your intellect.  That’s sign #5.

Sign 6 – Even if You Don’t go to Work, No One Misses You

Self explanatory I must say and this is related to the scenario mentioned in the second paragraph of this post.   No one misses you at work and Work doesn’t get impacted even if you are not around.  Which means there’s no real value you are adding to the work process.  Which again means it’s time for you to move on.

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