All You Need To Know About Upgrading To Windows 8

The much awaited launch day of the latest OS from Microsoft – Windows 8 – is finally here. Windows 8 is radically different from the traditional Window’s interface that users have got to see so far.

To put this better in Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s words, “We’ve reimagined Windows, and we’ve remaigined the whole PC industry.”

So What’s New In Window’s 8?

The radically revamped OS brings in a fresh set of features with clever, eye catching and innovative design. The brand new interface aims to inculcate touch-screen features in to the personal computer space and the tile design template seems like a breath of fresh air in the personal computer and tablet space.

How to Upgrade to Windows 8

When and How to Upgrade?

Now the question on everyone’s mind would be how does one go about upgrading from an older version of Windows to Windows 8 and can the new OS be loaded on older computers, what exactly happens when you upgrade your system? and most importantly, how much would the upgrade cost?

Here’s a quick rundown of Windows 8 related info we have put together that will attempt to answers some of the aforementioned questions.

How Much Would It Cost?

Users can prefer to buy a DVD to upgrade to Windows 8.  The DVD version would cost USD 699.99 which amounts to roughly Rs. 3800/-

Are You Eligible for the Upgrade to Windows 8?

PC’s purchased (or would be purchased) between June 2nd to Jan 31st 2013 with Windows 7 as the OS can claim a promotional offer of Rs. 699/- for Windows 8 Pro. If you qualify for the promotional offer, do remember to register and download before January 31, 2013, to lock your promotional offer. You can register for the offer here.
Those of whom who have purchased a Windows based system before June 2, 2012, can upgrade to Windows 8 for USD 39.99 which would roughly amount to INR 2000. Preconditions for upgrade includes a Windows XP OS with service pack 3 installed or a Windows Vista or Windows 7 system.

Which Windows 7 Variants are Eligible for the Upgrade Offer?

For the Windows 7 OS, the following variants purchased within the offer period are eligible for the Windows 8 Pro offer:-

  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Ultimate 

Who Cannot Claim the Upgrade Offer?

Those of whom who have purchased Netbooks which have Windows 7 Starter Edition installed won’t be able to claim the Windows 8 Pro offer.

For claiming the offer or upgrading to Windows 8 OS, you need to have a valid product key.

What are the Hardware Requirements for Windows 8?


Now before you go ahead and hit the download button and avoid disasters and disappointments, you need to first make sure that you have cross-checked and confirmed the items outlined in the below list.

  • Your processor speed should at least be a minimum of 1 gigahertz (GHz).
  • At least 1 GB of RAM on a 32-bit system or 2 GB of RAM on a 64-bit system (check your system manual).
  • Minimum hard disk capacity of 16 GB for a 32-bit system or 16 GB space for a 32-bit system.
  • You should have a DirectX 9 graphics card that is compatible with a WDDM drive.

Other than the above, you will need a separate software to play DVDs. You will also need to buy a separate Windows Media Center licence that will be sold separately. For now at least the Windows Media Center is free until January 2013.

How to Upgrade to Windows 8?

The upgrade process is simple. Here’s a step-by-step info on how to go about upgrading your OS.

Step 1 – Click here to register for the Windows 8 upgrade offer.

Step 2 – Look for a confirmation email and a promotional code from Microsoft.

Step 3 – Download the upgrade assistant which will help you determine the device and app compatibility further to which you can proceed with the installation.

While the OS is being installed, you will get to see three options: –

  • Install now
  • Install by creating media
  • Install later from a desktop

If you chose the second option, you can then go ahead and create a DVD or USB installation of the OS media.

Next, before you hit that red button (upgrade button we mean), the upgrade assistant will prompt you about the following.

  • Keep all files from your old system
  • Keep only our personal files
  • Keep nothing

You can go ahead and chose the option that best serves your purpose and proceed with the upgrade.

Be advised that that if you chose the “keep nothing” option, you will lose your old files and data and what you get to see at the end of the upgrade is a brand new installation.

If you want to know more about the Windows 8 upgrade process, check out the following link.

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