Some Amazing Benefits of Smoking

Okay, so we really got you to believe that smoking can actually have benefits. Well there actually is but it entirely depends on how you choose look at them.

Read on and let us know if you agree. Of course the tone is sarcastic and you are free to lambast the author with counter comments should you feel that the write up is too insensitive.

Let’s begin with some personal benefits of smoking which would affect you and your immediate family members.


Amazing Benefits of Smoking

The Legendary Dev Saahab – Har fikra ko dhue mein udata chala gaya

You Don’t Need to Worry Anymore About Retirement Planning

Studies indicate that by 2030, smoking will kill 8 million people every year and that most smokers have an average lifespan of 60 to 70 years. So in short, you are unlikely to survive beyond you are retirement years and hence retirement planning should be the least of your worries.

You Can Quit Worrying About Your Children’s Higher Education or Marriage

Well, again for the reasons stated above, you’d possibly never live long enough to witness these important events in your life. You might think that nothing possibly can go wrong and you have all the time in the world to plan for your children. Well, life sure can throw up surprises and conking off early due to any of the 41 disease conditions listed here can definitely be a sudden or unwelcome surprise – more so for your family.

Your Family Will Get a Huge Financial Windfall Before You Retire

Since the chances are high that your lifespan would be drastically shortened, if you already subscribed for an insurance policy, continued smoking ensures that the policy is honored and your family ends up getting a huge financial windfall. Be advised that this would work only if you have cared to subscribe for an insurance policy to take advantage of your unfortunate demise.  Double check and then continue smoking.

You Will Become a Legendary Example for the Younger Generation

Well imagine that you’ve died of a smoking-related illness. Wouldn’t it be great for the younger folks in your family to learn a lesson or two about the ill effects of smoking that includes the amount of money spent on buying cigarettes followed by the amount of money spent on healthcare to tend to smoking-related illnesses. That’s the reason we say that you can be a brilliant for the younger lot.

Some Community Benefits

You Will Be One of the Reasons Why the Medical Profession Will Thrive

We struggled to find relevant information but this study done way back in 2005 concluded that direct healthcare costs as well as the indirect fiscal losses are higher in families with one or more smoker(s). On second thoughts, you don’t necessarily need a study to conclude that smokers are responsible in a big way for a booming medical profession.

You are Responsible for Creating Lakhs of Jobs for the Needy

And yes, how can this be overlooked. This study (it’s slightly old but enough to put forth our point) states that over a million people are employed in the tobacco industry worldwide with China, India and Indonesia being world leaders. I am sure the numbers would have grown manifold since the time the study was published thanks to the humungous rise in the number of smokers across the world. So keep smoking and rid the world of unemployment.

Our apologies if this piece hurt your sensitivities – especially if you are smoker. But imagine the hurt you are causing to your near and dear ones knowingly and unknowingly.

If you hated this piece, sorry to have wasted your time. But if you think it might at least make a smoker think, feel free to share wherever you can.

Not a SMOKER?  Well, doesn’t matter – you can still share this and spread the love :).

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